We congratulate the talented team of Steppe Holding, who have successfully united under one goal in a short period of time, demonstrated quality results, and set new standards, and wish them success in their future work. The largest capital city in the history of Mongolia and the world, created under the aim and aspiration of bringing Mongolian art and youth party culture to a new level, combining traditional music and art with modernity, and making it known to the world, in the name of the city of Kharkhorum, which was once the link of world civilization. named. In the future, we will continue to improve the quality of our festival and work harder to make it a world-class festival by combining our traditional Mongolian culture with modern music and technology.

This year's Kharkhorum digital art music festival, where 4 foreign DJs and 11 Mongolian DJs took part in their best works, made more than 7,000 young people who came to Steppe Arena feel the wonders of electronic music and digital art. Also, at the Kharkhorum Festival, the best bartenders of Mongolia with their own flavors and characteristics served delicious cocktails to the guests.

Undoubtedly, the outstanding performance of the evening was the performance of the Mongolian tsam dance of the National Theater of Arts, which captivated the guests. Also, UB Drums' solo artist Hulgo's performance was equally amazing.

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