Established in 2013, Steppe Link Holding operates in several industries, such as Information Technology, Education, Art, Culture, Publishing, Construction, Real Estate, Trading, Logistics, Security and Social welfare.
We strive to become a national leading company to compete at the international level, through implementation of innovative projects with social and economic contribution, improvement of competitive edge, and creation of competent resources in each industry.
We operate in line with innovation and accessible economic modeling, creating exemplary performance in each industry to become leading multinational company.
Innovative projects
To contribute to social and economic prosperity of Mongolia, through innovative and creative solutions.
Equal opportunity & social responsibility
We respect individual rights and gender equality, and provide equal opportunity in all our subsidiaries.
Ethical business practices & cooperations
We value ethical business procedure and mutually beneficial co-operation.
Professional team
Talented and skilled colleagues who are leaders in their individual field.
Intellectual property advocacy
We strongly advocate and promote awareness of intellectual property rights; and contribute to the protection of intellectual goods and cultural heritage.