The final stages of the "Hackateen-2021" programming Olympiad will be held at the "Steppe Arena-Ice House"

The first selections of the "Hackateen-2021" State Programming Olympiad, which is being organized for the second year by "Nest Education" School with in-depth information technology training, have ended, and the best 90 participants have been selected to compete in the final stages. The last stages of the Olympiad will be held in the "Steppe Arena-Müs Yae" complex. "Steppe Arena" LLC board member Ts. Munkhtuvshin, executive director of "Nest Education" school O. Hash-Erdene witnessed the agreement. As a result, the last stages of the "Hackateen-2021" Olympiad, the Competitive Programming and Project stages, will be held next August at the "Muse House" sports hall with the standards of the first OU in Mongolia. Also, within the framework of cooperation, the parties will work together in the areas of improving public education in the field of information technology, disseminating information in this field to the public, preparing succession and skilled human resources in the field of information technology. I would like to express my gratitude to the staff of "Nest Education" school, who are working together for information technology education and development! Dream come true Ice House Together with information technology to make dreams come true!

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